You want to enjoy your work. That is it why it is of the utmost importance to us to build long-term relationships with the people who put in a great performance for us day in, day out. How do we bind and lock down our employees? Especially now that work and specialty fields are changing, leading to a need for “new” knowledge as well. In our family business, interpersonal aspects are both cherished and essential. We want our people to work in a stimulating environment in which they can grow. That’s how we improve our products. Our international and regional subsidiaries employ locals wherever possible.

We are an innovative company and explore opportunities wherever we can. What’s more, we’re growing, so you’ll be dealing with many different projects here, which will all contribute to your personal growth in some way. This is a challenging environment where young, fresh professionals can grow and develop. Above all, we’re a family business, a warm nest, home to a group of approachable people. We work closely with specialised partners, subcontractors, and suppliers, who enjoy working with us, too.

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Recognised training company

Businesses and educational institutions both play a key role in educating and training young tradespeople. MBO students can learn a lot in practice, but this does require professional internships and apprenticeships in a safe environment provided by a recognised training company, as well as good guidance. Van Boekel is such a recognised training company.

Under the Education and Vocational Training Act, MBO students are obliged to follow the practical part of their degree programmes with a recognised training company. These companies should be true role models, as they make an important contribution to the future of the trade by training new students. Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven, a cooperative organisation for vocational education, works with businesses and schools to tailor vocational education to practice as closely as possible. This gets students the best possible vocational degree programmes with excellent job prospects and helps businesses find the tradespeople they need. In the end, we’re all better off!

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