Corporate Social Responsibility

Van Boekel Groep works with its clients and partners to build tomorrow’s world through projects that improve the outdoor environment. The environment is at the very core of what we do, so corporate social responsibility is second nature to us, with the creation and maintenance of safe and environmentally responsible working conditions forming an integral part of our policy.

After a hard day’s work, everyone should be able to return home safely. Van Boekel sets high standards for safe and healthy working practices. As our projects become more and more complex, safety and safe behaviour become increasingly important. Van Boekel is in the midst of transitioning to a proactive culture with fixed procedures and in which action is taken before issues can occur.

Safety-conscious employees know the consequences of unsafe or unhealthy work, want to work safely and healthily and warn each other about unsafe or unhealthy situations and behaviour. This mitigates the risk of accidents and reduces long-term work-related absenteeism. We have appointed two QHSE coordinators to structure our work processes, who are responsible for quality, health and safety and care for the environment within our company.

Where possible, we strive to include social return aspects in our projects. In each project, we work with local municipalities to create jobs and offer training and work experience for people with limited access to the labour market, such as students, people with a disability or unemployed people. We want to help people find long-term jobs, including opportunities to continue their work after the project has been completed. We also support a wide range of different social projects and regularly work with people with a disability.