Van Boekel provides sustainable solutions to civil-engineering, environmental-engineering and development challenges in the outdoor environment. Our clients, consisting mainly of government bodies from the Netherlands and abroad, will find that these carefully considered solutions will continue to prove their worth far into the future. As an international, specialised, and multidisciplinary company, we can swim with the biggest fish out there in terms of know-how and ambition. Where other parties drop out because they’re unable, unwilling or simply not bold enough to tackle a project, Van Boekel keeps going, serving as your partner throughout the entire construction process.

Nevertheless, growth should not be pursued at all costs: we would much rather see our employees grow as people, enabling us to continue to improve our services. We are sustainable and feel at home in niches. We have the innovative potential this requires, which we harness to create value in the market. In today’s changing market, we rely on content and processes, building on the foundations of our family business to continue to grow and improve.


Van Boekel follows the market closely. We seize opportunities wherever we can find them. We know the market, the market knows what we can do. We listen to our clients’ questions and tailor our services to their needs, whilst also encouraging our own employees to come up with innovative ideas and approaches. Creativity is in our genes. Thanks to the short lines of communication and close involvement inherent in a family business, we offer ample room for innovation. We think in possibilities. Every day, we learn more about and grow more in our specialist activities. On top of that, we are a challenging, yet safe employer for our employees.

As a hybrid builder, we strive to work efficiently on multidisciplinary projects for public and private clients in the geotechnical, highway & hydraulic, concrete, and non-residential engineering sectors in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the Caribbean. Clients tell us their objectives, and we explore ways to achieve these objectives as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible failure costs. We take our responsibility. As a reliable partner, we want to build relationships with our clients and subcontractors as quickly as possible. Besides, we always keep our word.