Alpincenter Bottrop


Renaturation of the Alpenbach


Construction of sewage system at Schwalmtal End


Watercourse renovation – Geilenkirchen


Essen Vogelheim settling bassin


Lineg, Drüpterweg-Alpsche Ley


Nabu, Emmericher Ward

Van Boekel Germany

Sustainable solutions for the future

Van Boekel provides sustainable and carefully considered solutions to civil-engineering, environmental-engineering and development challenges in the outdoor environment. Thanks to our “deliberate, discuss, do” approach, we stand out as a hybrid builder, excelling in complex, multidisciplinary projects for public and private clients in the geotechnical, highway & hydraulic, concrete, and non-residential engineering sectors in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgian and the Caribbean.

With our very own engineering office and more than a hundred employees, we continuously immerse ourselves and our green hearts in the latest techniques and technologies, with the greatest respect for our natural environment. We like to work on Design & Build projects via Best Value Procurement and MEAT tenders, but we also let our healthy dose of opportunism speak for itself in the traditional forms of tendering.


Van Boekel GmbH focuses on infrastructure and natural engineering projects in Germany. We landed our first client in the mid-eighties and still work for them today. We know the German market: we know their customs and manners and, of course, their laws and legislation. We speak the customer’s language and have made a name for ourselves in the world of hydraulic engineering: no matter whether it’s deep, wet or high, Van Boekel will build it. Increasingly often, we serve in an advisory capacity at an early stage of the design phase. From our office at Airport Weeze, where we work as a permanent in-house contractor, our very own specialists manage our employees. Van Boekel Circulair specialises in sustainable soil flows. We have our own soil bank and storage space for coarse materials and residual materials for sustainable reuse. One of our specialties is installing precast concrete bridge elements, for which we have acquired a stellar reputation in Germany.

Data centres

Our ever-increasing reliance on the Internet and the digitisation of society are creating a growing need for storage capacity for digital information. It is a high-risk niche market for robustly designed buildings with stringent technology and safety requirements. This enormous demand is causing unprecedented time pressure and requires a creative and flexible construction partner. After all, there is little time for engineering: we often find ourselves working on the foundations before we know what the rest of the building will look like. Van Boekel is responsible for the building envelope, as well as plumbing and sewers, in addition to supervising the entire construction process. Relying on this niche specialisation, Van Boekel GmbH now also builds data centres for the German market.