The importance of sustainability is indisputable, but it is also a very broad concept, and one that many business units of the Van Boekel Groep are working on. We strive to be carbon-conscious in our business operations, for instance, and constantly seek to reduce our emissions. Our employees are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reducing emissions, and we can all make our own individual contributions to this cause.

There are various ways in which Van Boekel Groep has integrated care for the environment into its operations. We want to act sustainably, in our offices and on our construction sites alike. In addition to reducing emissions, we are also exploring ways to reduce transport intensity. On top of that, we register our waste streams, have delegated all environmental responsibilities to a single officer, systematically monitor communications with competent authorities and run our own training programme.

Sustainable purchasing and sustainable construction are essential to us, and we are making a positive contribution to climate policy by mapping and reducing all our energy flows, such as fuel and electricity, based on the globally recognised and used GHG protocol and ISO 16001 (energy management).