Van Boekel is committed to health and safety. We are aware that this is a continuous process that depends heavily on the input of our employees. Our health and safety team is responsible for this field, consisting of members from all layers of the organisation who serve as safety ambassadors. This approach is based on an Action Plan centred around Van Boekel’s three pillars: Deliberate, Discuss, Do. This is how van Boekel is working on a strong safety culture. Important topics discussed in the safety team include:

  • Knowledge and skills
  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Transfer and exchange of information;
  • Safety in the chain
  • Drawing up and complying with plans
  • Instruction and encouragement;
  • Monitoring and enforcement.

Van Boekel has been Safety Culture Ladder level 3-certified for both the Netherlands and Germany since 2021.

Van Boekel organised a comprehensive Safety Day in November 2021. Click the link for more information and an idea of the day.