Van Boekel strives to be a hybrid builder familiar with infrastructure, residential and non-residential construction. We want to excel in what we are already good at by identifying opportunities and applying our expertise. We seek to secure controlled growth by taking calculated risks. We are guided by clear reason, not intuition, to lead the way. It is our goal to finally break through in the world of multidisciplinary, technically complex projects with matching contracts. This requires sublime project management, which is exactly what we can provide.

We have grown from a classic nature engineering firm into a company that takes over responsibilities. This has been made possible by the commitment of our employees, without whom our work is doomed to fail. That is why we want to invest in our people and facilitate them to do the best work they can. Excellent operational management allows us to set up efficient processes and ensure that our organisation never stops learning. Our employees have green hearts and are always looking for new insights and approaches, constantly tracking the latest techniques and technologies. After all, this will bring us one step closer to dealing properly with all the elements of nature that we work with on a daily basis.

Our clients are happy with us and gladly return to us for follow-up projects. We have a long-term relationship with all our clients, from municipalities and water boards to high-tech clients in the world of data centres. We are a stable and reliable partner: we say what we do and we do what we say.


In an overcrowded country such as the Netherlands, it becomes increasingly important for ‘shops to stay open during construction’. Ensuring continued accessibility and minimal nuisance are also growing in importance. This adds a new layer of complexity to projects and offers us new opportunities, especially since we embrace the art of possibility thinking.

By continuously improving and strengthening our organisation from the inside and the outside, we can improve our capacity and become even more effective. Our innate opportunism can help us in this endeavour. The markets for Van Boekel International and Van Boekel GmbH also offer plenty of prospects for the future. We know those markets and have the right people in our teams. Powered with their commitment and our use of new technologies, we want to lead the way. This is the combination that determines how well you will be able to go where the market takes you.

Primarily, we strive to be a challenging company for our own company in the future, by offering opportunities for growth and training and paying attention to the individual. This sets us apart from many other companies in the industry. People who work here are proud of their product and know that they make a real contribution. A new generation of smart, highly cable men and women has joined our team, which now consists of a nice mixture of people with corporate backgrounds and experience in SMEs. That’s a good thing. We have broad expertise and can do a lot. And we’re flexible. Our family feeling is strong and we’ll keep it that way. We match corporate processes with the dynamics of a family business, allowing us to be both process-driven and decisive at the same time.