Batavia Wormer

Van Boekel Bouw & Infra has renovated and furnished Krijco’s latest casino, Batavia, in Wormer. As part of a construction team, Van Boekel had previously helped build various other Krijco casinos as well, which were often housed in existing buildings that were renovated and furnished according to Krijco’s specifications.

Krijco operates a large number of casinos in the Netherlands. Many of these casinos have recently been updated and been given a new, contemporary look. After the renovation, the casinos certainly look the part.

  • Wormer
  • Krijco Amusement B.V.

Restoration in a remarkable listed building

On April 23, 2011 Krijco opened its newest casino in Wormer. The interior of this special listed building along the Zaan river was restored by Van Boekel, converting it into a surprising, beautiful entertainment venue.

Because we opted to discuss Krijco’s wishes, requirements and budget at an early stage, we were able to explore the best possible solutions for this project. Thanks to Van Boekel’s project management experience, the project was completed in an efficient, well-structured manner. Thanks to careful planning and budget control, we are proud to say that the end product meets all Krijco’s requirements and wishes!

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ClientKrijco Amusement B.V.
Contract formConstruction team
CategoryNon-residental costruction
Executed byVan Boekel Bouw & Infra
TimeJune 2009 – November 2012
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Van Boekel Bouw & Infra changed its course a few years ago, shifting our focus to multidisciplinary concrete projects in the civil and non-residential construction sectors. We started to emphasise Best Value Procurement (BVP) projects, which enabled us to escape the low-cost market. This change of course has netted Van Boekel Bouw & Infra new clients, whilst enabling us to specialise in new types of projects and contracts, such as UAV-gc, and expanding our work area in the Netherlands and abroad.  Our organisation and employees worked hard to make this transition into a success, focusing on acquiring new clients and completing new projects.