Kamperlijn improvement (Zwolle – Kampen)

The Kamperlijn improvement (Zwolle – Kampen) project was a joint project carried out by the Province of Overijssel, the municipality of Kampen, the city of Zwolle and ProRail.

A 13 km section of the Kamperlijn railway line, which stretches between Zwolle and Kampen, was renovated, electrified and equipped with an overhead line to accommodate electric trains.  In addition, a new station, called “Zwolle-Stadshagen” was completed.

As a subcontractor of BAM Infra Rail B.V., Van Boekel Bouw & Infra B.V. was responsible for creating the large Stadshagen railway underpass, raising the railway bridge over Blaloweg by 30cm and installing a non-subsiding, cross-railway culvert in the Bisschopswetering.

All three pieces of infrastructure were worked up from a reference design in compliance with the criteria set by UAV-GC 2005. The architectural, functional structural design was worked up into Preliminary, Final and Implementation Designs.

Blalobrug bridge jacking
  • (Temporary) jacking work for construction work.
  • Jacking up the Blaloweg viaduct 30cm; installing three intermediate supports and ballast retaining walls.
  • The total span of the piece of infrastructure was 42.38m1.
  • Zwolle - Kampen
  • BAM Infra Rail

The biggest challenge posed by this project was placing the new 650-tonne rail section

Stadshagen Rail Underpass
  • The new tunnel between Stadshagen city centre and Hasselterweg.
  • The new bike/pedestrian tunnel, combined with the new tunnel for cars.
  • The adaptation of the existing Rozenpad underpass (bike/pedestrian tunnel).
  • A new viaduct for Zwolle-Kampen train traffic, with the new Zwolle-Stadshagen stop. To this end, the railway section over the Rozenpad underpass had to be adapted.
  • A new viaduct also had to be created to accommodate the traffic arriving through the Bergentheimstraat.
  • 620-tonne railway section had to be driven into place with SPMTs. This section featured pre-cast rails.
  • Including all additional work including wall finishes and railings etc.


Special Infrastructure – Bisschopswetering
  • Demolition of existing special infrastructure.
  • Construction of a new precast perched culvert (Free space: 2.50 x 2.25m), propped up by prefab piles with head beams at an angle of 60 degrees to the track.
  • The existing waterway at the infrastructure was to be filled up with sand.

All work related to the “Kamperlijn improvement (Zwolle – Kampen)” project, with contract number R-473100, was completed in 2018.

Van Boekel Bouw & Infra B.V. carried out this work for its client BAM Infra Rail B.V., complying with the criteria laid down in the contract.

BAM Infra Rail B.V. was ProRail B.V.’s main contractor.

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ClientBAM Infra Rail
LocationZwolle – Kampen
Contract formUAV-GC design and construct
CategoryConcrete engineering & Special infrastructure
Executed byVan Boekel Bouw & Infra
Time2016 – 2018
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