Preparing land for construction and habitation for Leuskenhei assisted living apartments and patio homes in Veldhoven

In 2015, Hurks Bouw took on a new-build project in Veldhoven for Eindhoven-based Woonstichting Thuis. This project consisted of building 25 apartments and 8 patio homes for the public rental sector. All homes are specially adapted to the needs of senior citizens requiring extra care.

In 2016, we prepared the land for construction for Hurks Bouw, which consisted of building the sewage system and doing all groundworks. After preparing the land for construction, we also prepared the land for habitation in a secondary tender, starting work after the summer of 2017. This consisted of the following work:

  • 750m PVC sewerage for wastewater.
  • 1000m3 embankments for rainwater collection.
  • 200m3 land improvement for tree planting.
  • 2500m3 paving laid.
  • Greenery, consisting of 10 trees and 4500 bushes.

The main challenge was to work with Hurks Bouw to schedule the work so that the site could be completed and delivered on 1 December. As planned, the first residents moved into their new homes in early 2018.

  • Veldhoven
  • Hurks Bouw Eindhoven B.V.

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ClientHurks Bouw Eindhoven B.V.
CategoryCivil engineering & Natural engineering
Executed byVan Boekel Regionaal
Time2015 | 2016 | 2017
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