Construction of sewage system at Schwalmtal End

Van Boekel GmbH was commissioned by Schwalmtalwerke AöR in Schwalmtal (Germany) to construct a sewage system and pumping station and to replace the water supply network. The project was situated in Vogelsrath (Schwalmtal End), and was awarded to us after we submitted the Most Economically Advantageous Tender.


Houses and businesses in the outskirts of Vogelsrath-End in the municipality of Schwalmtal had to be connected to the sewage system. This required the construction of a gravity sewer system. The existing drinking water system and electricity grid were due to be replaced at the same time. The various sewer strands come together in a pumping station where the wastewater is pumped into the next gravity sewage system. The sewage system is made of Polypropylene with a 250 mm diameter and has a total length of 1425 metres. Approximately 60 homes will be connected to the sewage system.

  • Schwalmtal Ortsteil End
  • Schwalmtalwerke AöR

Excavation and construction whilst minimising inconvenience for local residents and businesses

Communication and information were key.


Before we could start work on the sewage system, the water supply pipes and electrical grid had to be replaced first. To replace the individual connections to the sewage system, we even had to go into people’s homes. After completion, the sewage system itself was constructed at approximately 3.75 metres below ground level. In order to minimise inconvenience for local residents, the work was carried out in 4 distinct phases, with several dead-end streets forming a difficult challenge due to the limited space available. Communication and information were key during this project, with frequent consultations taking place with local residents and stakeholders to deal with the limited space available in the streets, whilst allowing traffic to flow as freely as possible.

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ClientSchwalmtalwerke AöR
LocationSchwalmtal Ortsteil End
Contract formUAV-GC design en construct
CategoryCivil engineering
Executed byVan Boekel GmbH
Timenovember 2018 – still under construction
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Van Boekel Bouw & Infra changed its course a few years ago, shifting our focus to multidisciplinary concrete projects in the civil and non-residential construction sectors. We started to emphasise Best Value Procurement (BVP) projects, which enabled us to escape the low-cost market. This change of course has netted Van Boekel Bouw & Infra new clients, whilst enabling us to specialise in new types of projects and contracts, such as UAV-gc, and expanding our work area in the Netherlands and abroad.  Our organisation and employees worked hard to make this transition into a success, focusing on acquiring new clients and completing new projects.