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Sustainable solutions for the future

Van Boekel provides sustainable and carefully considered solutions to civil-engineering, environmental-engineering and development challenges in the outdoor environment. Thanks to our “deliberate, discuss, do” approach, we stand out as a hybrid builder, excelling in complex, multidisciplinary projects for public and private clients in the geotechnical, highway & hydraulic, concrete, and non-residential engineering sectors in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgian and the Caribbean.

With our very own engineering office and more than a hundred employees, we continuously immerse ourselves and our green hearts in the latest techniques and technologies, with the greatest respect for our natural environment. We like to work on Design & Build projects via Best Value Procurement and MEAT tenders, but we also let our healthy dose of opportunism speak for itself in the traditional forms of tendering.


Van Boekel Bouw & Infra International has several years of experience on the Caribbean islands. We have our own offices on St. Maarten, which makes it relatively easy for local clients and public bodies to reach us in the Caribbean. Van Boekel has its very own Caribbean team with Dutch supervision, project management and tradesmen. We also seek to work with local subcontractors and the local population wherever possible. We first introduced ourselves to the Dutch Caribbean by building airports, realising the now famous ‘flamingo’ control tower on Bonaire, a reference to Flamingo Airport. This was our first project, and we have finished many others since.

Residential construction

Van Boekel International also works on residential construction projects. Our work generally starts with preparing the land for construction by carrying out groundworks and laying sewers. We also prepare land for habitation by building separate or combined sewage systems and bioswales, improving the soil for trees, laying pavement, paths and terraces, and installing greenery.


From natural engineering to geotechnical, highway and hydraulic engineering: it’s Van Boekel’s history in a nutshell. As professionals, we add value in the Caribbean as well. We strive to be a hybrid builder familiar with infrastructure, residential and non-residential construction. We want to excel by identifying opportunities and applying our expertise. Van Boekel International is characterised by great flexibility: we’re small enough for minor projects and big enough for major ones, enabling us to work on countless projects on these islands.