Bergweg Zuid Pumping Station

In 2015, Van Boekel Bouw & Infra took on the project of building the Bergweg-Zuid pumping station and the associated structures for the Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard Water Board (SKWB). SKBW worked up a hybrid contract (RAW and UAV-gc) for this project, specifying an end result as well as explicit functional requirements.

For the following elements, the project featured explicit RAW reqiurements:

  • Construction of Bergweg-Zuid pumping station, including construction pit, weed guard cleaner, helophyte filter and replacement weir;
  • Site layout (construction site and fencing);
  • Extending the watercourse to the inlet of the pumping station.

Functional requirements were specified for the following elements:

  • Two pressure pipes running from the pumping station under the Bergweg-Zuid;
  • An outlet as the end point of the pressure pipes;
  • Placing a Spirosol culvert;
  • The design and furnishing of part of the public space: temporary and final access road, filling part of the waterway and dredging the main waterway.
  • Bergschenhoek
  • Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard Water Board (SKWB)


The objective of the project was to improve water quality by diverting water from the Schiebroek polder.

Within the framework of the Dutch Administrative Agreement on Water (Nationaal Bestuursakkoord Water, or NBW, an integral plan for improving water quality was drawn up.

At the request of SKWB, Van Boekel Bouw & Infra was requested to postpone the work after being awarded the contract so that the large-scale Rijkswaterstaat project “connection between A13 and A16 motorways” could first be fully examined in order to determine how it would affect water drainage and the isolation of the Bergse Plassen and how the new water system could be adjusted to compensate for this, if necessary. This resulted in an increase of the planned capacity, with SKWB updating the RAW specifications accordingly.

Van Boekel B&I started work more than a year after the original start date, with the physical construction process starting in September 2017. The work was completed within the set deadline and to the client’s satisfaction in mid-2019.