Realisation of Rapid Transit Link including Rapid Transit viaduct

The importance of Rapid Transit Public Transport

Rapid Transit Public Transport is very important in Utrecht, which is why Van Boekel Bouw & Infra B.V was commissioned by the City of Utrecht to build a Rapid Transit viaduct.

The route runs from the temporary tram terminus at Jaarbeursplein to Stationsplein Oost, including the viaduct across the Leidsche Rijn, and is suitable for tram, bus and taxi traffic.

Minimal inconvenience for traffic and local residents

This was a challenging project, because of the inner-city location. Minimising inconvenience for traffic and local residents was a major concern, which is why logistics were carefully organised during the construction and demolition of the support structure. In order to guarantee traffic safety, at least two traffic controllers were present full-time during working hours. On top of that, three temporary underpasses were created for road traffic, cyclists and pedestrians, allowing the busy Utrecht traffic to flow as usual.

  • Utrecht
  • Municipality of Utrecht

Van Boekel helps to build tomorrow’s Rapid Transit Public Transport

Horizontal forces

The viaduct is used by all sorts of vehicles, including trams and buses. When these vehicles brake, the apply horizontal forces to the deck of the viaduct, which can be rather high during an emergency stop. To protect the viaduct against these forces, the deck is horizontally linked to the supports, which lends extra strength to the structure.

Curved trough

The design was made by Ingenieursbureau Verhoeven & Leenders, who gave the viaduct a striking appearance. The trough beams, for instance, are curved, varying along the length of the viaduct. The prestressed curvature continues along the vertically curved course of the beams. The trough consists of two curved, pre-stressed beams that are 2.05 metres tall and 1.1 metres wide. The 52-metre-long concrete viaduct is anthracite in colour and features two pillars in the middle. In the future, these pillars will be located in the Leidsche Rijn.

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ClientMunicipality Utrecht
Contract formRAW – with MEAT
CategoryCivil engineering & Concrete engineering
Executed byVan Boekel Bouw & Infra
Time2014 – 2017
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