Nabu, construction of secondary channel for Emmericher Ward

Van Boekel GmbH, our German branch, was commissioned by NABU-Naturschutzstation Niederrhein e.v. for the “Emmericher Ward” project in Germany, on which it started work in July 2017. This is a natural engineering project that involves creating a secondary channel for the river Rhine. The development of the natural area was of key importance here, and the preservation of flora and fauna was paramount, as the “Emmericher Ward” is home to various species, such as deer, beavers and foxes.

The project was completed in mid-November 2017. We started by removing and disposing of 870  tree stumps to clean the site, after which the existing natural stone dams were removed, with the natural stone being reused for the inlet and outlet of the secondary channel. Because more natural stone was needed, an extra  3,000 tonnes of natural stone were delivered by ship and processed.

  • Emmerich
  • Nabu, Emmerich

Natural development comes first

We dug up 5,550 m3 of topsoil, the largest part of which was reused in the future “Auenwald”, which was planted in autumn. Part of the soil was found to be slightly contaminated and was subsequently removed, after which we were able to excavate the remaining 55,000 m3 of soil, which was transported with dumpers. This mixture of soil and sand was incorporated in the part of the secondary channel that had already been present. We deepened this “old sand pit” to improve the ecological balance.

To reach the other side, which has now become an island, a crossing was created through the secondary channel with a series of natural stone columns. This specialist work, with a total surface area of 400 m2, was carried out by a stone setter.

After the first high tide, we were able to establish that no excessive changes had taken place with regard to the course of the secondary channel and the client is very pleased with how the local flora and fauna are currently developing.

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ClientNabu, Emmerich
Contract formVOB
CategoryNatural engineering
Executed byVan Boekel GmbH
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